Body Neutrality

April 27, 2017

This word came up in my book club a week ago and I was amazed by it! I started googling frantically trying to see if it’s already a legit concept and IT IS. Found a great article about it on Everyday Feminism. It is such a great concept and one I have believed in for years, without even realising it. I finally have a word for a thing that I could never properly explain. What I wanted to explain was the liberation that came with becoming apathetic to my body. Ive tried to explain this to anyone who asked me how I become body confident. One day, I just stopped caring. I couldn’t change my body because my body issue was scars and those can’t be changed and so I gave up… and in giving up, I found body bliss.

This topic deserves a lot of time, conversations and discussion.

I believe it’s the stepping stone between self hate and self love!

I’ve done a video on it to explain it more: if you can’t love your body, do this!