Is Make-Up Body Positive?

March 30, 2017

“Makeup isn’t inherently anti-body positive. The only problem is when you use it as a necessity”.
People often call makeup, women’s warpaint but I hate that saying, I don’t need warpaint. I don’t need to cover my blemishes or hide in order to face the world. This is the video for you if you struggle to leave the house makeup free or believe it is necessary to paint your face in order to just exist in this world as a female – this one is for you poppets.

This one is in response to a woman who asked me how I reconcile BoPo alongside a love for makeup. It’s the first in a new series called Ask Michelle, where I answer your questions.

I’ve been getting lots of emails with long questions that I thought would be better explained in a video so thought I would make it into a series. The original plan was once a month, but I’ve got quite a few questions now so I may make it a bi-monthly thing.

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