Yes we can!

March 12, 2017

Tell me I can’t do something and see what happens ???

I’ve grown up always feeling like I had to prove everyone wrong.

Tell people that you have had 15 surgeries and you get underestimated. Tell people you have a chronic illness and weakness is assumed. Tell people you’ve had brain surgery and intellect is no longer expected of you. Even just based on my appearance, I get underestimated.

Then I grew up! ??

I realised I didn’t have to prove shit. ?
I don’t need to prove anyone wrong.
I don’t need to prove anything to anyone.
I don’t need to correct your judgements because I don’t need to care about your judgements.

I’m too busy proving myself right to spend a second wondering if you approve.

Think what you like of me, I’m going to keep doing me. So yes I’ll probably still be underestimated but just sit back, keep whispering about me and watch how my actions, accomplishments and life in general speaks for itself!

Fat bodies can.
Disabled bodies can.
Chronically ill bodies can.
Spoonies can.
Hydrowarriors can.

Here’s to smashing stereotypes ?? Here’s to a 2017 where we chose our happiness over other people’s opinions. ?? Here’s to a year where we do what we want, not what we are told. ? #scarrednotscared