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Your relationship with the scale.

February 24, 2017

You guys always love when I get practical in my Insta stories so I thought I would give you some practicality on here.

My relationship with the scale has been a complicated one, much like it will have been for most of you. I battled with it until I was 15, and then one day decided it wasn’t helping me so stopped weighing myself.

It was in the next 5 years I proceeded to develop a healthy relationship with my body. I never knew how much I weighed, and I couldn’t even tell you roughly. I would look away if a doctor weighed me and I started to find happiness. Then I went into hospital and because I couldn’t eat for 6 weeks, when I came out, I piled on all this weight and I got curious.

I started a few diets and decided to start weighing myself just so I could keep “tabs” on my weight. Ever since then I have allowed myself to weigh myself once a month until 3 months ago.

3 months ago, I made a goal to build more muscle and knowing that more muscle leads to weight gain, I decided to step off the sad step FOR GOOD. I haven’t got the courage to destroy it completely or throw it away just yet and so it sits on my bathroom floor and occasionally I still get the urge to step on it though. I get curious. But I know it’s so bad for my mentality so I removed the battery.

It might seem silly but it means that I don’t step on it in a split second decision. This extra step of putting the battery in makes me consciously aware of what I’m doing! I’ve reached for the battery a few times but I’ve never got to the point of putting it back in because right before I do, my wiser self kicks in and says “DON’T DO IT”. If you want the technical stuff, it’s called activation energy. You want to increase the amount of energy it takes to do a task to make you less likely to do it. People do it all the time, they increase the activation energy needed by putting chocolate on the top shelf and decrease it by going to the gym in your pyjamas. But let’s use it instead to have a healthier relationship with your body. Give it a try! #scarrednotscared