Humans are not hangers.

February 22, 2017

A lot of fashion designers use this phrase. They compare living breathing humans into inanimate objects.

It is seen as a beauty ideal in the fashion industry when you can see as little of the model as possible. Basically the idea is, the less body is, the more the clothes are showcased.

WRONG! Yes clothes are works of art, but they are also functional works of art. They are works of arts worn by humans so we would like to see what a person looks like in it. If we wanted to see clothes on hangers, we would go into stores and do just that!

And let’s not be fooled. The pressure on those models and this premise is dangerous. It not only leads to eating disorders on the catwalk but in the world by the young girls looking up to those women wanting to emulate them!

How can we stand up against the objectification of women when the language we are using is doing that exact thing? More and more we are seeing models who are famous alongside their personality. People like Tyra Banks was known for her voice as much as she was known for her body and that’s the way it should be! ??