Huge Announcement!

February 17, 2017

…And it’s truly the best feeling in the world to see your name in print, let alone, to see your name in such a body positive, sex positive, completely inclusive and all-around awesome book.

@hannahwitton has truly written the most wonderful book. A book that every teenager growing up needed. It’s essentially what should be taught in sex ed in every school across the country.

I have written 3 pages in the body confidence section and when this book landed on my doorstep, my inner child couldn’t help but be proud. My biggest issue with my scars was around showing them in the bedroom… and now, I’m in a book giving advice about the exact same thing. Feels like I’ve come full circle.

I mean, I think you can see that on my bare faced, early Sunday morning, hungover face. Perfectly happy to be captured exactly how I was, mismatched outfit and all, because there’s something SO liberating about capturing the true emotion of the moment and that’s what body confidence is about!

Doing It is out in April and it’s such a good read that I finished it in a day! Go pre-order it! #DoingItBook