Your Internal Voice Is Not Yours

February 10, 2017

Have you ever wondered why that inner voice of yours sounds so familiar? It’s because it probably is.

Have you ever noticed that your first go-to insult when you are indulging in self hate, is an insult that would have been used against you as a child?

It will be the exact same language as well! It could be the voice of your teacher, your siblings, your relatives or even a memorable comment from a stranger but those words are the words you will use against yourself in your weak moments.

Next time when you’ve really dug in and got all nasty inside your head, try to remember where you heard that sentence first. I can assure you you didn’t create it, it didn’t come out of nowhere. It was TAUGHT to you!

It’s not your fault but it’s now your job and responsibility to change it. Do it for the little child inside you who deserves better ❤️?