The Body Positive Book Club

February 1, 2017


The Body Positive Book Club is now open and I would love as many of you to join us.

I wanted to start this book club to rebel against the dilution of body positivity. This new wave of body positivity disguising as fitspo and thinspo is not cool with me, and instead of complaining about it, I thought I would use my platform to educate and create a space where we could have intellectual conversations that are rooted in the origins of the movement.

The need for this book club became apparent to me when I realised that most people considered leaders in this community haven’t actually read a single book on it and personally, I believe education is important and necessary when you become a role model and a source of wisdom because when people come to you for resources, you should be able to link them to not just accounts but books and articles.

Also I was really struggling to get through Fat is a Feminist Issue because of all the hard truths in it and I needed the motivation and support ?

I’ve decided to start off with a slightly easier read though, and a book which I find hugely empowering. The first book is going to be @themilitantbaker ‘s Things No One Will Tell Fat Girls.

Come join at