You don’t have as much time as you think.

January 29, 2017

I was wrapped up in bed not feeling my best self watching one of my all-time favourite shows This Is Us when they dropped this line.

“You know you think you have all the time in this world, but you don’t”.

I know you hear it a lot to the point where you might see this post, this quote and groan but there is a reason you hear it this often. It’s because of people like me who’ve experienced mortality before most people do and want to use their experience to pre-empt the inevitable regret you will have if you let life pass you by.

When it happens to you, it feels like you’ve been let in on this big secret that you want to share! You want to jump the gun and protect everyone you know because a day longer is a day too late! It feels that urgent that you stop your friends in the street to make them smell the roses (yes I actually did that) or will stare down at your own legs and thank your lucky stars that they still work and then you stop and feel grateful that you can tap into all of this in a split second because that is a memory that never fades.
I do it too! Even though I died when I was 11 (that’s a story for another day, but yes white light, no god voice though and no gates to heaven), I still lose perspective just like the rest of you all.

All I know is if you waste your time here perfecting your body to the point where you have lost your life, you will look back with misery.

Losing weight shouldn’t mean you lose your life in the process.