You’ve Got This!

December 18, 2016

I’m having one of those days… you know the ones I’m talking about. It was literally a day where I had to repeat YOU GOT THIS, YOU GOT THIS… over and over again in my head as I did every little thing. Who’s had that kind of day before?

On these days, sometimes you’ve just got whisper to yourself “You’ve got this” even if you aren’t sure that you do. Even though, I’m not sure that I have “got this”, I A sure that thinking that I did, helped a little bit.

Sometimes you have to believe in yourself even when there is no reason to.
Sometimes you have to believe you will get through this, even if you don’t know for sure.
Sometimes you’ve got to throw your hands up in the air, proclaim that you just don’t care and be comforted by the fact you don’t know everything and you WOULDN’T WANT TO. Because that would be hella boring. Right?? ????

Get a post-it, write this down “I’m going to make you proud” and post it on your mirror!
Go do it.
Not figuratively, literally!
Go do it now.

OR You can keep scrolling on Instagram and be inspired daily and do nothing with that inspiration!

You make yourself proud by taking action.
So take action and place this daily reminder on your mirror.
Stare at it when you are brushing your teeth.
Remind yourself each day of how you want to be.
We all can change the world by making ourselves proud.

It starts with you.
It starts at home.