Body Shaming Your Previous Self

December 5, 2016

Fat shaming your previous self is still body shame.

I was talking to one of my friends recently who had lost a lot of weight. She started saying how she was glad that she didn’t look like a “big blob” anymore and that she no longer was a “big lump of lard”.

“Oi, that’s my friend you are talking about” I said.
“No, it’s ok, I don’t mean now, I mean before” She reassured.
“Yes, she was my friend then too. I would never have let anyone talk to you like that back then and I’m not going to let you do it now.”

We are so cruel to ourselves, whether it’s our current self or a past version of yourself. Just because your body changes doesn’t mean you need to draw a distinction between your former self and your current one.

You are the same person. The person who was capable of losing all that weight was also the same person who was capable of loving the bigger version of herself.

The reason why people do this is because they still feel shame from that larger version of them, they still remember each incident of body shame and they want to bury that version of themselves, just like when you were that size, you wanted to hide and disappear. That body shame doesn’t suddenly disappear because you are a smaller size.

Hold that past, acknowledge the pain that was caused and realised that you didn’t deserve any of that hurt.

You would never turn your back on a friend merely because they’ve gained weight so please do not do it to yourself. Your former self deserves to be acknowledged, welcomed, embraced.