Starting Over In The Gym

November 21, 2016

I’ve been out of the gym for two months because of shin splints. Some of may have noticed this if you follow me on snapchat and tomorrow is the day I am allowed to get back into exercise so I booked a 3 hour paddleboarding session for tomorrow. Jumping into the deep end so wish me luck!

Before I booked I had a momentary hesitation because it’s a group class and I was worried about judgement. Unfortunately the potential of these looks, the stares and the judgement is why so many people don’t start exercising. When I started exercising 5 years ago, I dealt with the same thing and even today as an overweight person in the gym, I still do. I have had PTs tell me I’m doing things wrong, when I know that I’m not because I have to alter exercises to accommodate for my disability. I have had to deal with men telling me I don’t belong in the weight area. I’ve even had someone I went to uni with snigger because I was walking in the gym and tell me to not bother if I was just going to walk – I had just finished running 20 minutes continuously for the first time and was so proud of myself and he has just walked past me as I started walking to cool down.

All this makes it so much more difficult to enjoy ourselves because that’s what exercise is for – enjoyment. So I hesitated before booking paddleboarding but then I still booked it.

I can conquer that worry because I know the payoff is worth it. But people who are just starting, don’t. I work around my disabilities every time I go to the gym and it’s bloody difficult – I can’t put any strain on my neck or shoulders, I can’t lift my arm too high or my traps flare up AND none of this is weight related so be aware that you never know the full story.