Hillary Clinton’s Makeup Is None Of Your Damn Business

November 18, 2016

As you might have seen in the news this morning, everyone is talking about Hillary Clinton’s lack of makeup in her first official appearance since the loss of the election. You would have thought losing the election was enough and the press would give her some peace and even possibly respect, but no.

Turns out, not wearing makeup is seen as such a grand political statement that any reputable publication felt the need to report on it this morning. In these articles, there weren’t any mention of the words that came out of her mouth. It sends a clear message to young girls that if you do not look the part, then you won’t be listened to. Even more than that, it sends the message that women need makeup in order to look presentable and acceptable, and any less than that and people will assume you have “given up on life” or have “admitted defeat”.

Hillary Clinton not wearing makeup is not a political statement. Not wearing makeup is a valid choice and doesn’t have any indication when it comes to her mental health and well-being. One’s mental health can never be assumed from one’s appearance.

Let the woman live. She has been through enough. She doesn’t deserve to be reduced to the visibility of her eyebags.