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Why 1/3 of Britons Hate their Bodies?

November 3, 2015

You may have heard the saying ‘where ever you go, there you are’, that you can keep changing the circumstance, the boyfriend, the job, but at the end of the day, you are the one who is the same in every problem, well let’s change that old adage: ‘where ever you go, there your body is’. Your body quickly becomes the excuse to not do this or that, because (prepare yourself for some tough love) … let’s be honest, you were too scared to do it anyway and tomorrow if you were skinnier, you would come up with a new excuse to not do it.

So let’s make a promise. Let’s ban this sentence from your life: ‘When I’m skinnier/curvier/bigger/more toned I will, …’ because whatever comes at the end of that sentence, you are physically capable of doing now.

The thing is your weight and your body is a physical manifestation of your thoughts and emotions and until you understand that, you will feel powerless around your body. As a body confidence coach, I see huge examples of this – a woman complains about her height saying she is too tall, the height wasn’t the problem, the problem was that she doesn’t like to stand out and that manifested in every area of her life and her body was just another one. Another comes to me and says she’s been the happiest she has ever been but her weight keeps climbing and she doesn’t understand why – well in becoming happy with herself, she had found her voice and had stopped apologising for people’s time and was happy to take up space in conversations and in life – well the same in her body, once she realised that she could change that.

Hating your body has become the new normal with songs like One Direction telling us that what makes us beautiful is the fact that we don’t know we are beautiful, but let’s be better than the average.