9 Reasons to Love Your Body

October 6, 2015

You’ve heard it before – you should love your body, you should love yourself…
People have been saying it for a while and with the body positivity movement as strong as ever, you would think there would be more body love going around.Well, apparently some of you haven’t been listening, because 1/3 of Britons are still unhappy with their bodies! And that’s not cool.
Last month , I released a bikini photo with my scars on show as part of the campaign Scarred not Scared and a few people replied saying they couldn’t do what I did because they don’t have any reasons to love their body.

EVERYONE has a reason to love their body, in fact you have more than one:

1. Your body is the only home you have
Be grateful for the fact that your body gives you the ability to move each and every day.

2. Because not liking your body is a waste of time and energy
Hating your body does not give you more power to change it, so let’s do an experiment for a week, and pretend to be someone who loves their body – see how differently you view the world.

3. It shaped you into who you are today – literally!
Your body and your size made you into the kind of person you are today. Your lumps, bumps and all.

4. Your body should never limit your mind
If you want to do something, do it. Stop waiting until you are skinny enough or curvy enough.

5. Other people are envious of your body
You look at so many people and wish you had their body, yet I can guarantee that someone will be looking at yours and thinking the same thing

6. Because you have a body
… and that means you are alive.You know when you get a present and you love it because it’s new, but once you get used to having it you forget how great it is?
Well, you’ve had your body for a long time – doesn’t mean you should appreciate it any less

7. Your body protects you
When you go on that stupid diet in an attempt to starve yourself, your body tries to protect you and clings onto the fat you have to provide you with energy.

8. It does so much for you
It pumps your blood, it beats your heart, it blinks your eyes, it regulates your body temperature, and you don’t even need to think about it

9. You don’t need Photoshop to look fabulous
You can love your perfectly imperfect unedited selfies with your bestie – because they are REAL.
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