Real Men like Curves, Only Dogs Go For Bones

September 1, 2015

‘Real men like curves, only dogs go for bones’

There has been this quote going around the Internet and frankly, it pisses me off. As an overweight girl, you probably assume I am posting it as everyone else has been… As a joke but the truth is it’s not a joke and it’s not funny. Quotes like this and many others including ‘Real women have curves’ and the latest one floating around the internet “Fat people are harder to kidnap, eat cake” are not about body positivity.

The body positivity movement is NOT about pitting fat girls against skinny girls and it is certainly not about shaming girls for their lack of curves. Every human in the world is made of both skin and fat so can we stop putting a divide between the skinny and the fat.

People always wish to be skinny but honestly, I think the skinny girls get just as much body-shaming and hate as the fat ones. When they complain about their insecurities, they are told they wouldn’t understand and get accused of fishing for compliments or having an eating disorder.

Having seen one of my best friends be the victim to this, I was forever changed. Yes I had never had her issues but her issues were just the same. We were walking down the road one day, as a guy yelled “Go eat a bheeseburger!”. Telling a skinny girl to eat more is just as unacceptable as telling a fat one to eat less.

As I stated in an interview with the, “Body confidence and your body aren’t actually correlated — they are separate issues. There are fat people with confidence and there are skinny people without confidence”. That is why on my website I include everyone – those that have insecurities about their lack of curves and those about their excess of curves.

Body positivity is about accepting EVERYONE and most importantly you accepting YOURSELF. When did loving your body become dependent on the guy you are with? Oh well if REAL men like curves… In fact, this quote is equally degrading to men as well as it is for women. Likening men to animals is incredibly insulting. So let’s stop calling skinny women, bitches and the men that are attracted to them, dogs.

Putting down half the women in the world to encourage the other half is completely counterintuitive to the movement. You don’t need to degrade skinny people in order to make yourself feel better. It’s childish, immature and doesn’t help either of us. I don’t like it when I am accused of fishing for compliments when I complain about my back pain caused by my oversized boobs, and skinny girls don’t like it when they complain about their figure. They are just as entitled to have body confidence issues as anyone else and in sharing their concerns, they should feel heard and not disregarded.

Let’s be real, body confidence comes from you and only YOU truly accepting yourself, the strengths and the weaknesses!